ARC Audio KS125.4 mini

ARC Audio KS125.4 mini
Výrobca: ARC AUDIO
Kód produktu: ARC Audio KS125.4 mini
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Pre dosiahnutie špičkovej kvality americký tím vývojárov, pri navrhovaní zosilňovačov ARC Audio sa hlavne zamerali na dosiahnutie vysokého reálného výkonu a maximálnu kvalitu zvuku.
Zosilňovače ARC Audio disponujú vysokou účinnosťou, malými rozmermi, a najhlavnejšie majú skutočný reálny zvukový prednes.

The KS 125.4 mini uses a Patent Pending Auto Sense Turn-on circuit that offers a significant improvement in reliability. No more will the amp unexpectedly turn off in the middle on a song. Instead of relaying on the music to supply enough signal to turn the amplifier on ARC Audios new design detects the BTL IC (chip amp) used in the vast majority of stock head units and amplifiers. To further simplify OEM integration the KS 125.4 uses a fully balanced input stage that is switchblade between speaker and RCA input. Simply plugging your stock speaker wires into the RCAs will supply perfectly clean signal and turn the amp on. What could be easier then that? Well how about reversing the remote turn-on connection to turn on the rest of you amplifiers? Once the KS125.4 is set to Auto Sense the remote turn-on now becomes an output to turn on all your other equipment.overload

  • Power @ 4 ohms: 4 x 75 Watts
  • Power @ 2 ohms: 4 x 125 Watts
  • Power @ 4 ohms (Bridged): 2 x 250 watts
  • Signal to Noise: 92dB
  • THD: .05
  • DAMPING FACTOR * 800 *
  • Frequency Range: 10Hz - 50KHz
  • Crossover: Butterworth (55Hz - 550Hz)
  • Bass Boost: 15dB 45Hz
  • Fuse: 30A x 2
  • Size: 11.6""(L) x 5.15""(W) x 1.7"" (H)
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